We know women in corporate

And we know what they need. We partner with organizations who care about their diversity agenda and want to contribute to real change for their female employees and communities. 
Our NOI@work core offering is based on three-month programs, targeting the key pillars of professional and personal success


Being connected, being human and feeling part of a community equals better social, emotional and physical well-being.
Women often lack such sense of connection in their work environment


Confidence is one of the most effective allies of success.
Women and confidence are too often contrasting terms, while instead they should go hand in hand


Having strong personal brands within an organization provides a firm foundation on which to influence business and marketing vision, accelerate careers and amplify impact

Unlock the full potential of the women in your organization.

Learn to listen to their needs and be an agent of change for their professional and personal development. You will not only contribute to a brighter future for them; you will also strengthen your entire ecosystem, fostering diversity of thinking, adaptability, customer satisfaction. This is what successful companies do!

Our collaborations

Every company, institution and organization we work with is contributing to moving towards gender balance.

Join the movement!

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