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20 women’s networks to help you thrive

Surround yourself with people who cheer you on and you’ll have much higher chance of success.

Naturally, we all have a different definition of success, and I hope you do too. There’s no point chasing someone else’s dream!

Therefore it’s important to make an informed and independent decision on what kind of network is right for you.

live and lead with generosity

2017 is in full swing. I hope this is just the beginning of a powerful chapter in your personal and professional journeys. While we have control of our own lives (truly, we do, despite the challenges), it’s not the same for many others.

The sense of urgency, frustration or disbelief you might feel when reading the news each morning I know is echoed by everyone in this group. Now, more than ever, it’s right to take a look at the role we can and must play in society. What can we really do?

one step closer

We could not have hoped for a better start of the year here at NOI!

First and foremost, we now have an amazing Social Media Manager, who started working super hard from day one on connecting us even more to our community of ladies! Jillian Weidner, from Ithaca College, will help us while she is spending her semester in London. Welcome Jill!

Secondly, we held our first event of the year called “one step closer” last week and we loved every bit of it. Jill is sharing her writeup here and go check out the photo album at the end of the post too! Photos are courtesy of photographer and NOI Lady Jess Yau. Check out her work here 🙂

take your vitamins

Last Thursday I made a little dream come true.

Less than two months ago I had the privilege of meeting Deena Gornick almost by chance and she really changed me in many ways.

She changed the way I say “thank you” and the way I think about myself when surrounded by people who are looking at me and waiting for me to do or say something.