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It is my belief that personal branding can redress the balance for women in business.

As someone who builds personal brands, I love spotting trends and patterns. Although my methodology doesn’t change, the approach and output can vary greatly depending on the client but one thing I’ve noticed time and time again is the questions I’m being asked.

It’s been four years…

…It’s my fourth anniversary of becoming a civilian.
I love this anniversary. It marks such a fundamental change in my life. One of real fork-in-the-road moments in life. I really enjoy taking some time to reflect on what’s happened in the last year and to check-in with the new life I’m creating for myself.

fear of success? really?

What on earth is the fear of success?

We all know it takes courage and self-belief to start a business. But one thing I’ve discovered is that the journey of personal development doesn’t end when you take that brave step of hanging the ‘open’ sign in your metaphorical shop window.


May 11th 2016 is a milestone for the NOI Club. We celebrated our 1st birthday! Here is the writeup of the evening, brought to us by the wonderful Hannah Smith, freelance journalist, copywriter and NOI lady!