one step closer

We could not have hoped for a better start of the year here at NOI!

First and foremost, we now have an amazing Social Media Manager, who started working super hard from day one on connecting us even more to our community of ladies! Jillian Weidner, from Ithaca College, will help us while she is spending her semester in London. Welcome Jill!

Secondly, we held our first event of the year called “one step closer” last week and we loved every bit of it. Jill is sharing her writeup here and go check out the photo album at the end of the post too! Photos are courtesy of photographer and NOI Lady Jess Yau. Check out her work here 🙂

See you in February!

by Jillian Weidner

We were so happy to welcome a total of five speakers to the stage for our first event of 2017! Called “one step closer“, this event was focused around finding your own unique path when it comes to achieving your goals.  We heard inspiring stories and anecdotes from each speaker regarding their own journeys, the bumps they encountered along the road, and how those bumps helped them to grow as a person and flourish even more. The night started off with Matthew Kynaston, whose story is featured in the Being Mankind project, the authors of which we would hear from next.  Matthew shared his incredible travel stories with us, and how his travels were severely affected by his mental heath issues, which he eventually overcame by finding the courage to ask for help.

Priya Dabasia and Jenny Corrie, both team members of Super Being Labs and co-authors of Being ManKind, spoke of their career journeys, honing in the importance of doing what makes YOU happy, and not let others dictate how your journey should be. CEO and Founder of Super Being Labs, Darshan Sanghrajka not only shared an equally heartbreaking and entertaining story of his journey through college with us, but set up a workshop for attendees to network and focus on one thing in particular: making their dreams become a reality via sacrifice and hard work.  BeyondMe’s Head of Social Leadership & Engagement Ambica Jobanputra capped off the night with an exciting announcement involving a partnership project between BeyondMe and NOI in the upcoming year. Overall, the night was thoroughly inspiring, fun, and of course, there was plenty of delicious food prepared by NOI’s own Pippa Snadden, founder of Escape The Onion.  Needless to say, “one step closer” was a successful start to 2017 with NOI!

Jillian Weidner is in her third year of studying Integrated Marketing Communications at Ithaca College and she is now studying abroad for the semester at the Ithaca College London Center. She is looking forward to exploring Europe and all that London itself has to offer! Jill is passionate about female empowerment and promoting inspirational content for women.

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