if you will it, it is no dream

by Rachelle Valladares, serial entrepreneur and NOI Lady

Originally published on LinkedIn

‘If you will it, it is no dream; and if you do not will it, a dream it is and a dream it will stay.”  

Theodore Hertzl

Four years ago today I woke up at 3am, put on my Paralympic Games Maker Uniform and headed out with my “usual” taxi driver to help open Excel for the days prep work for the Paralympics that opened on the 29th of August 2012.

While working as a Games Maker for the Olympics was special, working the Paralympics was a learning experience that will remain with me forever.

The biggest lesson that I learned from the Paralympics is that if you believe in yourself and you want to succeed badly enough then you can do it.

This lesson works in business as well.   Last night I went my first meeting of a women’s empowerment network called @NOI_Club  (meaning WE in Italian).   This group is a group of female entrepreneurs and freelancers who are just getting started and trying to find their feet.

The discussion was run by a very bright and perceptive woman named Belinda_CAC) was the facilitator for the evening and spoke about building a community with your target audience.

Her five step community building concept was very interesting provided a lot of food for both thought and conversation.

  1. Be open about your agenda
  2. Get feedback from members of the community (potential customers)
  3. Have a clear values structure
  4. Have a clear values proposition
  5. Offer Incentives

I will leave you to ponder the five points and adapt them as and if appropriate.

The interesting thing was the case studies that were presented. The lively discussion that followed the presentation really boiled down to the lessons from the Paralympics – if you want something badly enough, work hard enough and don’t quit no matter what happens along the way then you (and your company) can be a success..  It takes time to build a Paralympic (or Olympic) career, in the same way it takes time to build a successful company.   We often liken it to pushing a snowball uphill.

Whether your company is holding onto that snowball part way up the hill or is King of the Mountain @DezikaGlobal can help you to run your company more efficiently using our commission collection services, reporting and networking.   Sharing information like we do at @NOI_Club  is also part of what we do, we can always learn from each other.

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