call yourself baby girl


Last week, on Thursday 17th March, we had an amazing event called “the plot”. We were hosted by the wonderful Duck and Dry and we will be back very soon!

The objective of the event was to have an introspective journey, guided by psychologist Natasha Tiwari, in order to understand what happens when we are in the “zone 2” of our story, right after the comfort zone and before the resolution one. In other words, what to do when things go wrong? And which strategy can be easily implemented for us to start rising again?

Here are my lessons learnt from a truly inspiring and touching session, feel free to add your own!

There is indeed a secret sauce for succeeding and it is made of the following:

– self efficacy (I am good at…I am not good at… Make these lists and then focus on what you are good at and why – find what makes you succeed within yourself and not in external causes)

– have a sense of “fail and fail better”

– set short time goals

– praise yourself for your efforts and not for your ability

– name your own strengths to yourself

– build mastery (a challenge I have succeeded on is…. And one I have yet to succeed on is… Why is it that the latter always seems much bigger than the other one?! – chunk up goals, make a routine, offer yourself constructive criticism, don’t give in to the pain when it gets tough, don’t over emphasize the long term goal)

– have a growth mindset (what was not easy? what did I learn? Have an awareness of neuroplasticity: the improvement is real!!! be kind to yourself, develop the growth mindset of the people around you)

– plan did not work? You have an entire alphabet!

– practice box breathing (I love this, I find it so helpful!)

– practice body scan

And finally….as our NOI Lady Shari Nunes wisely said, “call yourself baby girl” when you speak to yourself, be kind and supportive because that is what you need to rise!


pssst: our next event is taking shape! Secure your place! All info here

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