psychological safety

I would like to share a thought here because the recent discussions I saw on our facebook group have shown me once more that we are really doing something beautiful in the NOI Club.
I was reading a letter to a magazine the other day that spoke about the importance of collaboration.

The writer shared her favourite Olympic story and I agree with every word she said:
“The GB women’s hockey team picked themselves up from a woeful 11th place finish at the 2014 World Cup and two years later were Olympic champions. How? Having an inspirational captain and coach clearly helped. But what I think sets this team apart, what makes them a ‘superteam’, is the bond created during training, where the squad functioned in an atmosphere of ‘psychological safety’ – an environment where people were comfortable being themselves so they gave of their best.
Hollie Webb, winning penalty scorer, talked about the World Cup debrief: ‘people got things off their chest, things that were frustrating them…It was horrific at the time but we learned from it and got to where we are now.’ Teammate Alex Danson said: ‘we probably spent hours and hours talking about how we want to be and what we want to deliver on. That’s aside from tactics’
According to Harvard Business Review, collaborative work has increased by more than 50 percent in the last 20 years and this is because we have started understanding the importance of teaming up: a team can innovate more, faster, see mistakes quicker and find better solutions to problems.”

So let’s keep doing what we do ladies, because we do it well, naturally and that is also changing the world. Even if we do not know each other in person, or if we do not collaborate constantly for long periods of time, the impact we can have on one another thanks to genuine help is immense. 

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