You have nothing to lose

During the 9th July event we discussed about some life changing books. One of them was Be a Free Range Human by Marianne Cantwell. After the event I prepared a list of resources that included this book and shared it with the NOI ladies on facebook. Lorna, one of the founding members, mentioned to me that Marianne was in London.

Marianne was in London! She is hardly ever around. Being a Free Range Human makes her travel almost all year long and work from the most amazing locations 🙂

I chatted with Lorna and then asked her whether I should contact her. The answer was: “Give it a try! You have nothing to lose. Worst case she will say NO”. She was right!

So I contacted her via email…And the rest is history!

Ladies, it is worthwhile to try. So just do it. There is not point in lingering over the question “should I?” Just listen to your gut feel and then act! You never know how many doors this little action could open 🙂



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