The Advisory Board

Catherine, the challenger

“I am going to challenge you”. This is what Catherine said one afternoon in London while we were attending our Startup Tribe course at the Escape The City’s headquarters. She knew I wanted to create a community of women but I still thought it was too early for me to expose myself and spread the news into the world! “It is time for you to put these ideas into action. You will have to do two events in the next three months to test the NOI concept and get going”

“Alright” I said, without knowing how I would have made that happen.

Catherine was the person who first pushed me to put my ideas into action. And I am so grateful to her! I would have never let her down and this forced me to work hard on my deadlines leaving no room for hesitation or too much questioning.

Catherine is now one of the members of NOI’s Advisory Board and she is always full of ideas and perspective.

Shari, the supporter

“If you don’t come, the event cannot take place!” I was a bit nervous, yes, when NOI’s launch event was about to happen! I needed Shari to be there. Not only she came, but she was in so early that she was the one who waited for me at the venue 🙂 Sometimes you just need your supporters to hold your hand and tell you that everything is going to be alright. Shari does this amazingly. We are collaborating together on another project, called MANINE, details to be unveiled soon!

Shari is a cosmetics advisor and collaborates with cosmetics startups to help them build their go-to-market strategy. She is also a social media guru! Follow her on twitter @Shar1_says

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