do not just love your earlobes

I was going through my notes of the event we had with Marianne Cantwell and Louise George on July 30th 2015 on confidence and support and I wanted to share some takeaways that resonated with me. Here they are!

– if you procrastinate…do it well!
– breakdown is a breakthrough
– when preparing for a speech/pitch/meeting: know your audience, prep by recording yourself/mirroring yourself, write the 1st lines down, do not learn off by heart
– the 3 keywords for gaining confidence are: POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS (repeat to yourself the good things that will happen); VISUALISATIONS (imagine the audience, imagine the reaction, imagine where you will be – the stage, the room etc); POSITIVE TALKING TO YOURSELF (be kind to yourself, write a love letter to the insecure YOU!)
– confidence is being ok with what you are, knowing you can do it, not crying about other people’s judgement, relief, it is an energy, a presence, it is mindfulness
– exercises to get more confident are: using breath as an anchor, posture (superwoman!), asking yourself “what is the worst that can happen?”, repeat (once you have done it, do it again)

Quote of the evening was from NOI Lady Pamela: “do not just love your earlobes, they will get bigger when you get older!”

Useful links (also available in the resources page):
– info about Valerie Young and impostor syndrome:
– info about Amy Cuddy and her TED talk on body language:

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