Nothing can stop NOI!

What makes an event a success? Certainly not a tube strike and IT gremlins! Well, the above mentioned issues seemed to be the main ingredients of the second NOI event we had on July 9th.

How many chances does one have to pick a date where the London tube is closed for 24 hours and Skype decides not to work anymore?? While I was in the cab trying to reach the Escape School, I was asking NOI lady Zita – who was already there – to start serving the ladies some wine and send my apologies for being late. I also started getting declines from those who could not find an alternative solution to come to the venue and when Ruth, our great speaker, told me she was stuck on the other side of town and could not come…I thought I’d pass out.

But something happened. Jane (remember her? Haleo founder, she saved me already with her amazing food on the launch event!) messaged me while being on holiday with her family and said “Brick walls aren’t put in our way to stop us, but rather challenge us into testing us to see how much we want something!!!!”

So true! I could not let myself and NOI down. I got there, I saw that many ladies had managed to come using the bike, running, walking…I tried to skype Ruth while turning the slides for her but did not work. Noone still knows why! I then put her on loudspeaker on my phone and started off the session. It was awesome. And seeing the level of attention and support in the room was the best reward.

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