trust your voice

Last Thursday we got together for a wonderful evening around the topic of storytelling.

While I was listening to our great speakers Robyn, Leigh, Vix and Rachel I looked around the room and felt amazed by the good vibes I felt coming my way!

I saw new faces and I saw ladies who had come back for the 2nd or 3rd or even 5th time!

I heard chats, discussions, encouragement words and questions. I saw hugs, handshakes and smiles, a lot of smiles…

This is what NOI is all about and I was so happy to be there, in that moment, more present than ever (Robyn and Leigh would be so proud!), witnessing something magic happen!

Keep going, NOILadies!

And here are my key takeaways from the lovely evening!

– What Robyn and Leigh said: trust your voice, do not underestimate interdependence, improve the circumstances around you

– What Vix said: you never have to have all the answers, you only achieve change by doing

– What Rachel said: stop publishing words and start writing, wear sunscreen 😉

Any comments or requests for the next #NOIEvents? I would LOVE to hear from you! Please drop me a line!


PS: some useful links below! enjoy! – Robyn and Leigh’s website – Vix’s blog – – Rachel’s website and other projects!

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